Ballet Classes

At West Peterborough Dance, the students will learn Cecchetti method classical ballet. They are able to take exams which are accredited by the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing).

Beginners Ballet (3-4 yrs)

This class aims to enhance children's natural love of music and movement, and to teach some basic ballet steps in a fun and exciting way. We include lots of stories, imagery and nursery rhymes.

Preliminary Ballet (4-5 yrs)

In this class we introduce a few more ballet steps along with a little more structure, whilst still retaining the stories and imagery from Beginners Ballet. We believe that children learn best through play and our lessons are created with this ethos.

Primary and Standards 1-8 (5 yrs+)

These classes are designed for children attending 1 ballet lesson per week. We focus on all aspects of ballet including technique, musicality, improvisation and performance.

Grades 1-6 (7+ yrs)

The syllabi for Grade exams is larger is larger than the Standards, and students enter exams in groups of 2 or 3 without an accompanying teacher, therefore students normally need to attend 2 classes per week.

Major Vocational Exams

After the grade examinations, students progress to the vocational exams. These are aimed at students considering a career in dance, whether performing or teaching.

Pointe Class and

Preparation for Pointe.

Pointe class is for any students who have pointe shoes and wish to continue their pointe work training.

Preparation for Pointe class is aimed at students who wish to start pointe work. This class comprises of exercises to prepare the feet and body for pointe work.